Important Notice: Enhance the security of Phone Banking

Starting from 20 November 2016, to complete the below designated instructions via phone banking, in addition to verification of phone banking PIN, we also need to verify the one-time passcode sent by SMS. A notification will be sent to the customers¡¯ pre-registered mobile number and/or e-mail address once the transaction is completed. For details, please contact our phone banking customer service officer.
  • Change personal Information and address (including mobile phone/residential telephone number/work telephone number, e-mail address and correspondence address)
  • Phone banking non-registered account transfer
  • Set overseas ATM withdraw limit
  • ATM and credit card PIN request
  • Reset phone banking PIN
  • Personal phone banking service enrolment
  • Autopay modification (limit increase)
  • Standing instruction modification (amount increase)
  • Change personal internet banking security details
  • Security Device/Mobile Security Key activation
  • Request a cheque book
  • Account conversion to HSBC Premier
  • Bill payment for designed merchants - 'Finance merchants', 'Securities broker', 'Sports and leisure'
Please ensure you have a valid mobile phone number updated in your bank records and get your mobile phone ready to carry out the transactions. Please note that SMS may take longer to receive overseas.

If needed, please update your mobile number using Personal Internet Banking with your security device/mobile security key or through phone banking# or visit our branches during office hours.

# If you have changed your mobile phone number and the pre-registered one is no longer available to receive the one-time passcode sent by SMS, please update your new mobile phone number using Personal Internet Banking or visit our branches during office hours.
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